Caroline's Sugar Art Services Brings Beautiful Wholesale Cake Decorations Direct to Retailers in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney

Turn on the TV and tune to a channel with cooking programming, and chances are good you might see a show all about baking. The art and science of baking enjoy a newfound popularity in many places around the world as more people begin to experiment with their ovens. Of course, on top of that, we just love sweets! Who can resist a delicately iced cupcake or an extravagant and gorgeous wedding cake covered in sugar lace and expertly crafted flowers? Before anyone can try their hand at creating these items, they'll need the proper tools. Caroline's Sugar Art Services provides stunning wholesale cake decorations to Brisbane retailers and beyond.

With more than 30 years of experience and a host of decorations and decorating tools, Caroline's makes it simple to acquire the inventory you need at wholesale rates. When offering our cake decorations to consumers, there are a number of positive aspects on which you can focus. For example, while we have every regular decoration you might expect, we've also developed our own products. As an example, our edible lace moulds are the perfect choice for adding a classical touch to a cake, or for cutting out one's own lace designs. That's just the beginning — there are other reasons to choose Caroline's Sugar Art Services for wholesale cake decorations in Sydney.

Why choose us for wholesale cake decorations in Melbourne or Brisbane?

We think there are a few core things that set our business apart. First is our aforementioned experience. Not only do we have a wealth of knowledge about cake decorating, but we also work hard to stay on top of emerging trends. We have cake decorations perfect for everything from the most classic, traditional styles to the fun and funky trends today's kids love.

This ties in well to the next aspect of our business: a variety of well-made items for many needs. Paint someone's favourite Minion with Caroline's edible cake paint, or use silicone moulds to create a cake all about cats. The only limit to how consumers use our cake decorations is their imagination.

Finally, we are always looking to work with retailers like you on arrangements for wholesale cake decorations. Your Melbourne consumers will love the versatility of Caroline's Sugar Art Services product line. Our dedication to quality and customer service remains as strong as when we first began.

Explore our entire inviting catalogue today

Nothing has the same impact as eye-catching cake decorations — especially ones with an obvious handmade touch. With plenty of products to choose from, procuring wholesale cake decorations for an Adelaide retailer is easy through Caroline's Sugar Art Services. We are always happy to discuss order enquiries or general questions; simply send us an email at, or visit our contact page for more options. Our innovative and handy products are the ideal fit for bakers at home and in commercial settings. We take great pride in offering such fine products, and we hope you will, too.