Trusted Gel-Paste Food Colouring Dye Wholesale from Caroline’s Sugar Art Services

After more complaints, you are done with your gel food dye supplier. Their company recently changed their formula for gel dye food colouring and gel paste dye. The unmistakable aftertaste was first blamed on culinary students, but they insisted that the problem was with an ingredient, not their work. It’s the only ingredient in your kitchen whose formula has changed, leading you to surmise that food dye used in the batter of both student-created and professionally produced catering cakes, is the undeniable culprit.

Twice you’ve received complaints from catering clients who insisted their cakes were inedible; so you had to offer refunds. It’s time to take your business elsewhere and entrust Caroline’s Sugar Art Services to restore your culinary school’s reputation. We offer gel dye food colouring that won’t interfere with your students’ evaluations or your clients’ satisfaction.

Choose Caroline’s Sugar Art Services for a Successful Partnership

Since you’ve already pinpointed the problem, the first step is to get rid of all gel food dye and gel paste dye for food currently stored in your academy. Starting fresh ensures that you’ve eradicated the problem. Next, restock your gel dye food colouring supply with our wide selection of exceptional-quality food dyes. Our wholesale prices allow you to replace the colour assortment in both gel and gel-paste varieties that you’d collected over time. Our friendly and helpful staff in Oaklands Park will gladly discuss options, varieties, brands, uses, and quantities.

No stranger to the study of culinary arts, owner and operators Caroline and Morris Matthias opened their doors in 1980 as the first cake-decorating academy in the private sector of Southern Australia. Since then they have been supporting aspiring cake decorators with compassion, enthusiasm, and a wealth of experience, while supplying active decorators with the tools and supplies they need to stay on the cutting edge of a creative and quickly evolving market.

Gel Dye Food Colouring Beats Liquid Alternatives

When it comes to gel and gel-paste food dye, one of its key selling features is its colour concentration. Using less liquid and therefore less product, it’s possible to colour more food with less dye. Particularly with gel paste dye, a tiny bit is enough to decorate an entire cake. In decades previous, liquid food dyes were useful. Today, however, liquid-based dyes require a more substantial quantity for the desired effect, which runs the risk of spoiling a liquid-sensitive recipe or creating an undesired aftertaste that repels consumers. Therefore, more businesses have turned to gel-based food dye making it imperative that you train the new generation of chefs in how to accurately measure and utilise the innovation.

Even concentrated, too much gel dye food colouring can ruin a dish by overpowering other desired colours, being too abundant to mix entirely into the dish or ingredient, and in extreme cases, can create an unappealing aftertaste. Let us help you get your students back on the right track and your accounting books back in the black with time-tested gel-based food dyes and pastes from Caroline’s Sugar Art Services.