Edible Metallic Gold Paint for Decorating Your Sister’s Wedding Cake

Since you were young, you loved to bake. While at university, you handed out your baking as gifts. Years since college, friends and family still send annual requests for their favourite holiday treat. Yesterday your sister excitedly informed you that she is getting married; she wants you to make her wedding cake. She rattles off her wish-list, a chocolate on chocolate cake with lace and floral piping made gold with edible metallic paint. A modest home-baker at best, you now need to figure out how to make a chocolate cake fit into the gold and white wedding colour theme. You hadn’t even heard of edible paint, let alone gold edible paint for cake decorating until your sister’s request, but have already committed to helping make her big day magical. Searching for assistance, you happened upon Caroline’s Sugar Art Services while online.

Apparently, edible paint for cakes comes in gold and a wide assortment of colours, so that cake decorating artists don’t have to sacrifice the flavour they need for the look they want. Flavourless, edible gold paint in metallic and gloss allows you to design a creation that has character and depth, and will show off your cake-decorating skills. Intricate patterns and lettering is now within your grasp, as edible gold paint is as easy to work with as it is delicious to eat.

Discover Edible Gold Paint for Cakes with Our Friendly Team

Wedding cakes made by professionals often use edible paint, but can easily cost thousands of dollars. Meanwhile, you must create a top-quality gold cake that tastes like chocolate. Decorating for this special event will take more than a steady hand and a piping bag. There’s no need to stress, come into our store in Oaklands Park and our friendly, experienced, service-oriented staff will help you find everything you’re going to need for your sister’s big day. We’ll start by showing you our edible gold paint for cakes. Edible gold paint will allow you to cover the brown chocolate that flavours the cake.

Like painting on canvas, you can mix colours to form custom hues and to control the amount of colour saturation. Get ready by using our stencils and brushes to practice strokes, then select edible gold metallic paint to create a dynamic design. Your elaborate decorations will pop under the light—highlighting your craft and potentially igniting a profitable side-job.

The Look She Wants with the Taste She Craves

Edible paint is ideal for use in dishes where excessive water could ruin the creation. Gold is a favourite colour at themed events; with the popularity of using cakes as centrepieces, it’s more important to produce creations that look as good as they taste. Edible gold paint allows cake decorating enthusiasts the opportunity to create cake designs like the professionals. Instead of using off-the-shelf liquid food dye in attempts to turn yellow icing metallic gold, edible paint brushes on thin enough not to weigh down the cake and dries quickly so you can continue with your design.