Equip Others with the Right Cake Decorating Equipment in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Take a look at any timeless work of art and ask: what kind of tools did the artist use to create this? No matter if it's a painting or a sculpture, the answer is almost never likely to be just one implement. Painters use palettes, blades and scrapers, and all kinds of brushes; sculptors have many chisels and hammers for different kinds of work. The tools aren't what makes the finished work great, but they certainly help the artist to get there! The same is true when it comes to bakers. Any retailer selling baking supplies knows about the variety of cake decorating equipment and the differing needs of those looking for products.

Caroline's Sugar Art Services, a purveyor of quality decorating equipment and edible items since 1980, offers much of what discerning consumers like to purchase. Our founder, Caroline Matthias, has a wealth of experience in cake decorating herself — so we know our products and our customers very well! Our team understands that bakers want cake decorating equipment in Brisbane they can rely upon for beautiful results. From our icing sugars to individual hand tools, everything we offer for wholesale can create a lovely cake in experienced hands.

All kinds of cake decorating equipment available to Melbourne

From a basic wedding cake mix to equipment for advanced techniques, Caroline's Sugar Art Services is a complete source for a baker’s needs. Even a look through our catalogue can be an inspiring journey for them. Just take a look through all the many flower moulds we have or our intricately designed lace mats. One could easily recreate a Victorian tea party when using the right combination of our cake decorating equipment in Melbourne.

Send several cakes soaring skyward instead with one of the many cake stands and pillars available. A progression of four cakes presents all kinds of opportunities for creativity. It also allows bakers a chance to flex their creative muscle, adding different decorations to each level. When the time comes for fondant work, we have plenty of shaping and carving tools ideal for the task. For retailers looking to supply cake decorating equipment to Sydney, the depth of our product range at Caroline's Sugar Art Services is worth considering. We love to help passionate decorators everywhere find the equipment they need for innovating decorating.

Enable your customers to bake the most beautiful cakes

With so many different possible decorating styles, it makes sense to offer as much different cake decorating equipment to Adelaide as possible. Caroline's Sugar Art Services and our catalogue of fine tools and items are just the thing for bakers. With wholesale opportunities available for retailers, our decorating equipment can easily be your next hot seller. After all, artists love their tools, and having access to new and interesting items is always exciting. Just one look at Caroline's Tool Set, versatile and perfect for any style, is evidence enough of that. Click over to our contact page now and get in touch — we look forward to working with your team.